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Book Marketing

In today’s publishing environment, authors are being challenged to take on more of the responsibility for marketing their own books. But many writers lack the training and the confidence required to do just that.

If that’s your reality, here’s the good news: I provide services as a marketing coach. I worked as a marketing professional in the publishing industry for over sixteen years—and even though I’ve shifted my focus to writing my own books, I’ve continued a “side job” of helping other writers build the audience for their titles.

My focus as your marketing coach will be on helping you to create a marketing strategy and teaching you how to carry it out. Here are the key benefits to adopting this approach:

  • You are already positioned to be the best possible advocate for your own books—you just need to build your skills.
  • You can apply what you learn now to future books as well—and effective marketing skills will also help you sell your future manuscripts to publishers.
  • The book marketing strategies we focus on in our sessions can be individually tailored to your strengths, goals, and budget.
  • I’m also happy to provide coaching for a small group of writers at the same time—perhaps your critique group or your writing team wants to share in an experience that I can tailor to meet your interests?

Book Marketing Classes or Presentations

Book Marketing Basics

I also periodically offer marketing classes for larger groups. You can check my calendar to see if I have any upcoming classes.

Here’s some feedback from writers who’ve attended in the past:

“Thank you, Lisa, for a wonderful, informative and inspired session. I will certainly use all the ideas you shared with us to help market my book.” (Marian T.)

“This was a great class and well worth the money and time.” (Michelle A.)

“Just got home from the workshop with so many ‘free’ ideas to market the book that my head is spinning and I can’t sleep! I want to start working on everything right now!” (TJ L.)

Fees and Other Details

Coaching sessions are conducted via Zoom and are billed by the hour. Classes can be held in a variety of formats. Email me and we’ll figure out the next steps. I look forward to working with you!

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