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Author Interviews

I’m honored to have the chance to interview some of today’s most groundbreaking children’s book creators for Mackin Community. The list of compelling voices continues to grow every month, so be sure to check them all out!

Dawud Anyabwile
(with Tommie Smith and Derrick Barnes)

Nov 2022

Derrick Barnes
(with Dawud Anyabwile and Tommie Smith)

Nov 2022

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Deborah Marcero (with Isabelle Marinov)

Oct 2022

Isabelle Marinov (with Deborah Marcero)

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Tommie Smith
(with Dawud Anyabwile and Derrick Barnes)

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Writing Road Trip

My Writing Road Trip blog features over 100 short articles providing classroom-tested tips and tricks for educators and parents who are working to help kids become better writers. Although I’ve wrapped up the blog, the posts have been archived by the amazing folks at Bookology magazine, and you can read them here.