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Editing & Critiques

I’ve provided manuscript critiques and freelance editing services for hundreds of writers and other entities since 2004; my services include:

Manuscript Critiques

  • My primary focus for manuscript critiques is books for children and young adults.
  • A critique notes your manuscript’s strengths and highlights the areas you could make stronger through revision. It might address elements such as your core idea, story structure, characterization, pacing, language choices, point of view, and focus.
  • What sets my critiques apart? Along with my years of freelance editing, I also worked as a marketing professional in book publishing for over sixteen years. That gives me the expertise to be able to provide you with a “market-driven edit,” where I share my insights about how to make your manuscript more marketable to agents, publishers, and readers.
  • I’m happy to tailor our session to best suit your needs. Some writers prefer written critiques while others prefer Zoom sessions that allow time to ask questions; we can also arrange a combination of the two.
  • I bill by the hour. I’m happy to provide an estimate in advance based on your word count, the type of manuscript you’ve written, and the type of session you desire.

Copy Editing or Proofreading

  • I provide these services for all sorts of projects: manuscripts, self-published books, business documents, marketing materials, web content, etc.
  • There is some overlap between copy editing and proofreading, but they are two different editorial steps. A very simplified definition of the difference between the two is that copy editing focuses on improving the readability of your text, and proofreading serves as a final check to catch remaining errors. I can help you determine which best meets your needs.
  • I use Track Changes in Microsoft Word so you can see all of my edits within the text; you then have the ability to accept or reject each edit. I’ll also leave margin comments that note any questions/concerns you’ll want to address.
  • I bill by the word. I’m happy to provide a written estimate based on your word count and whether you’re looking for copy editing or proofreading.

Fees and Other Details

Email me the details about your project, and I’ll send you an estimate of my fee and turnaround time. I look forward to working with you!

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